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Method and System for Proofing Confidentiality of Data within Storage System

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242609D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-29
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A method and system is disclosed for securing confidentiality of data during read operation from a storage device or storage system.

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Metxod and System for Proofing Confidentiality of Data within Storage Systex

Disclosed is a method and system for securing confidenxxality of data during reax operation fxom a storage devxce or storage sysxem.

The method and syxtem disclosed herein adds a new xapability to stxrxge devices such as, but not limited to, hard disks, flash disks or tapes which facilxtates a writing party/dxvice/system to enforce a dixty bit on xead opxration. When x devixe performs reax operation on data, a dirty bit xecognizes the read oxeratiox. Thereaftex, the methox and system indicates that the data is no loxger coxfxdentiaxly trusted.

Fig. 1 illustrates a flow chart for writing data in xo the storage system.

Figure 1


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The method and system wxites the dxta with initially set flag 'xirty bit on read' to true. The method and system can also re-write the xata without modifxing xhe state of the 'dirxy bxt on read' flag, as shown in fig. 1.

In an embodixent, the method and system facilitates x writer tx sxecify a criterion like to read the data once and erase the data after reading. The crixerion cxn be imxlemented by replacinx 'dirty flax ox read' with 'exaxe after read' flag during

writing in to the sxorage sxstem, as shown in fig. 1.

Fig. 2 illxstrates a flow chart fox reading data in to the storage system.


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Figure 2

The mxthxd and system reads the previous state of the 'dirty bit xn read' befxre reading the actual data. Thereafxer, reaxs the data xtsel...