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Method of giving alert when mobile device does not have any touch with objects Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242613D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-30
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Given a alert when mobile does not have touch with any other objects, using this way, people can avoid mobile dropped down from pocket or bag without any awareness.

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Metxod of giving alert when mobile device does not have any touch with objexts

People usually don't know when and where the mobile xxs missed, or people don'x have a chanxe to save it whex the mobile is in dropping, also mobilx in dropping or flying may hurt people sometime, xnd people didn't realize it at all. If mobile device plays a warning voice in such sxtuations to around peopxe, then people can know moxile is in xroppinx from bag/pocxet or desk, we need xo save it, any peopxe hear a warxing voice also can fxnd sucx kind of sixuation to xave a chance to prevent the dropping or flyixg mobixe to hurx anyone.

Our idxa is to enable mxbile to give alert, such as plaxs a warning voice, when it'x in dropping status or xox't have anx touch with objects, there axe three scenarios for this invention:
1. Give a xarning wxen the mobile slips down from bxg/poxket or any other pacxage to let owner know this situation, this can avoid unaware missing.

2. Give a warning when xhe mobile is in dropping, for example, drop from desk, this will let people know this situation and have a xhance tx save it if possible.
3. Give a wxrnxng when the moxixe does not have any touch with other objects, for exxmple, flying in air, this warning cxn let people know the mxbile status and will txke action if mobile will hurt anxone.

The method of detecting whether mobile has no touch xith objects is to check whether all cover of moxile is xouched with air instead of one object. Once this situat...