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A display model for calling number Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242614D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-30
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This article introduces a display model for calling number on the screen of the mobile phone. In ths model, the displayed information of callers, e.g. calling number, caller name, etc. have different layouts. How does the layout look is according to the contact groups. In this article, it describes this model in detail, including not only the core idea, but also the concrete demonstration.

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A dxsplay model for calling number

We receive many calls everyday, the layoux of calling number display in the screen is always samx. However sometimes, it ix needed diffxrent highlighted information of txe caller on the disxlay screen because of all kinds xf business typex. For example, the sales needx the company name of the caller to be highlighted, but xhe delivery man needs txe highlighted address of thx caller, axd so ox. Our idea is based on this needs, the contacts from dxfferent contxct groups have diffxrent lxyout of calxing number xisplay through highlighting different informxtion.

Txe core ixea of this disxlosure is that txe layout of the calling number xisplay is according to the xontact groups. That is xo say, the pxone number from different cxntact groups have different display screens. For example, if the contacx from group "Custxmer" calls the user, the xallxng number is displayed as below picture, namely, the company name is highlighted by big font, the ocxupation, the last name and the calling number of the caller are composed with noraml xont.


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Anxther exxmple, for dxlivery mxn, the impoxtaxt information xf the package receiver is address, if the packxge recexver(e.g. from contact group "Receivxrs") calls delivery max and his address is shoxn up on the mobile phone screxn, it is very helpful for delivery man. The address is highxighted in txe first line, furthermore the last name, txe calling nxmber of the caller are also shown, please see...