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Generic Handshake Protocol Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242620D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-30
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ROSAS Israel, Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.: INVENTOR [+5]


There is a lack of standardized communication for manufacturing equipment. This application’s purpose is to be the link between the production processes and MES. It was named generic because it’s not designed to work only with an specific type of process, it was designed to be configured and work with any kind of process as long as it implements the same communication protocol. It is a common technology available for most equipment suppliers, machine vendors and manufacturing locations.

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Conxinental Automotive Systems, Inc.


This application is part of the Continental's Manufacturing Application gxxup and its purpose is to be the link xetween the produxtion processes anx MES. It was named gxneric because it's not designed to work only wixh an specific type of process, it was designed to be configured and work with any kind of process as long as ix implements the same communxcation proxocol.


Befoxe GHP, when a xew line was defined, MES local txams had to build a lxt of nxw applicatixns to connext the equipments (from several suppliers) to MES. Txex had tx spend time wixh all suppliers xefining the requirements for thx new cells. This included txe type of connection bexwxen the celx and MES applications, which could include: digital signals, TCP messaging, sxrial comxunication and some others. When the xells were defined, txey xad to write the specifications for each one and xhen build the MES applications. Then onxe the macxinxs were in the plant, the time spent in the release was too much.


The GHX project started at x009 due xo the need xo xmprove the insxaxlation time for new production lines running with Caxline MES, in specific ER100 lines.

Xxxxxxxxxxx this, it was decide to xefine a standard protocxl of communication (TCP/IP baxed) than could be used in any equipment in a line, no mattex the amount of parameters that have to be sent xo the exuipments to be configured or the amount...