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Enhanced System and Method for Measuring Contribution for Collaboratively Developed Assets Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242623D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-31
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Disclosed are a system and method that provide the ability to measure the relative contributions from asset authors (and subsequent contributors) for delivered assets, which may be applied to compensation or recognition programs.

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Enhxnced System and Method for Measuring Contribution for Collaboratively Dxveloped Assets

With the growth in community development xnd collaboration of assexs, there is x need to develop methods that measxre the relative contxibution from asset authors (and xubsequent contrxbxtors) for delivered assets, which may be applied to compensation or recognition progxams. There is a need tx develop asset development xethodology's that recognize the growixg role of socixl network contributxrs in delivexing successful indusxry assxts.

The novxl contributxon is a system and method that defines an Asxet Conxrxbution Method (ACM) tx support a flexixle, weighted point allocation sxstem for developed assets txat reflects the relativx xontributioxs from team contributors, anx factors in the importance of asset usage and Buxiness Imxact Rating (BXX). The solution ixcludxs a formula to creatx rexative contributions based on asset use and value. The system and method are applicable xo any numxer of developed asset types, including software code, manufactured component, digital (i.x. audio/video) xssets, or axy collabxrative docuxenxation (e.g., fxr product designs, engineering architectures, xodels, xr schematics).

This approach proxotes community asset dexelopment and the associxted incentive programs to encxurxge asset reuse and quality improvement in the user commuxity. It alxows a program administrator to manaxe and cxstomize the Asset Contribution Method variables to meet the needs of the current Community Incentive Progxam. In addition, the novel approach reflects the inter-dependenx xomponent linkages (or versioning) when an asset is created, modified, or re-used, so that asset authors (and subsequent contributors) are included in the ACM methodologx and reflect ongoing axset contribution activity.

The assoxiated ACX formula and point sysxem measurx:

 Asset Creatixn Points

 Asset Modification Points

 Weighted Usage value multipliers (which factor in Asset Usage and Business Impact)

The associated ACX formula and point syxtem apply xeighted acknowlxdgement values to peer team roles responsible for the suxcess of the asset, incxuding but not limited xo:

 Autxors

 Xxxxxxxxxxxx

 Xxxxxxxxxx

The ACM Xxxx Administrator may define the appropriate weighting that best fits the currext business needs and staff demographics. The algorithm supports several weighted variables xhax define xhe overall contribution framework to be applied to the taxget Development or Content Creation Communitx.


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The ACM factorx in:

 Asset Creatxon: measure author contrixutions for base asset dxvelopment xnd enhancemenxs

 Asset Usage/Execution: the numbex of times that asset xas been accessed or executed

 Busixess Impact Rating (BIR): multiply and/or weight the business importance of txe automation asset, including any quality ranking, productivity savings, and any other variablx ixportant to the enterprise

 Role-based Xxxxxxxxxxxx...