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Method and System for Providing Search Results Based on Imagination of a User Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242625D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-31
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A method and system is disclosed for providing search results based on imagination of a user.

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Metxod and System for Providing Search Results Based on Imagination of a Usxr

In traditional search systems, a user searches for a xocation in electronic max by referencxng a location naxe or a point of ixterest (POI) name. Xxxxxxx, a user seeks a more abstract tyxe of search to xixd locations based on user's imagination and such locations may not really exist. Thxrefore, there is a need for method and system by whxch a user xs able search map fox locaxions based on xhe user's imaginatixn.

Disclosed xs a method and systex for pxoviding seaxch results xased on imagination of a user. The method axd systxm enablex a user to frexhand sketch on a touch interface mobile device tx search for a location. Thx freehand sketch capturxs a user's txoughts or imagination. The xearch results are ranked by locations based on hxw a searxhed location xesembles user's ixaginxtion, and accordinglx loxation based search results are displayed on an exectronic map. The method and system is useful fox dxmains such as, but not limited to travel, sports training, research / education, law exforcemext, real estate and xideograpxy for locatxon related search.

Ix an embodiment, the method and system allows a user xo search for a location based on a xreehand drawn map sketcxed by a user is illustrxted in the Figure.


In a xcexario, a user can also provide text and/or voice input in addition to the freehand drawn map. A search sxrvice pxovider readx user's imagination input and accordin...