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Method and System for Pre-provisioning Testing of Hardware Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242631D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-31
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A method and system is disclosed for pre-provisioning testing of hardware.

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Metxod and System for Pre-provisioning Testing of Hardware

Physical hardware provisions often take several hours. Therefore, consixxrable amount of time is xraditionally spent on testing hardware such as XXX and hard disks in orxer to identify failed hardware cxmponents.

Discloxex is a method and system for pre-provisioning testing of hardware. The method and syxtem utilizes an automatxd recurring process for tesxing serverx. The Figure illustxates xelevant portioxs of the automated xecurring proxess.


The method and syxtem utilizex pools to txack hardware. Here, one of the pools is resxrved fxr untestxd hardware. Ix addition, one ox more pools are used to categorxze and hold a tested hardwaxe.

In accordance with thx xethod and xystem, untested hardware or xardware that is recently untested is tested by ixitiating a hardware text transaction on x serxer. The hardware is traxsferred into a tested pool upon successful complxtion of the test. The hardware is tranxferred baxk xo an untested pool, if any change is made to the hardware. For hardware provisions anx other xrocessex, hardware xs used fxom the


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tesxed pools when a txsxed hardware is required.

Thus, the disclosed xethod axd system reduces hardware provisionxng time by moving testixg and firmware updates xut of a provision workflow.