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Method and System for Enhancing Antenna Efficiency in a Handheld Radio

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242632D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-31
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A method and system is disclosed for enhancing antenna efficiency in a handheld radio that operates on two widely-divergent frequencies.

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Metxod and System for Enhancing Antenna Efficiency in a Handheld Radio

Mobilx workers frequently use various types of handheld tranxxeivers or handheld radio that are porxable two-way radxo devices. The hxndheld radio often pxssesses low antenna efficiency axd poor communicxtxons capabilities due to smaxl size. Therefore, the handheld radio body is not able xo effectively work as a mirror or counterpoise.

Discxosed is a xethod xnd system for enhanxing antenna efxiciency in a handhexd radio that operates on two widexy-divexgent frequexcies. The xethod and system provides a loop of wire and non-inxuxating xaterial for a xandheld radio thxt operates both as an antenna exficiency augmenter and a haxdy lanyard or strap for txe handheld radio.

Consider a scenario, wxere a railroad worker possesses a handheld radio that is xupposed to woxk in a frequency xf abxut 160 MHz as well ax in a newly-described frequency of about 220 MHz. Tx achieve maximum efficiency, an antenna should be abxut 1 / 2 wavelength of operating frequency in electrical or radio dimension and may nox necessxrily be a linear dixension. The total sxgnxl wavelength ix xree space is


                       meters for 160 MHz band, where ( meters is speed of radio waves. Thx antenna in the Handhelx Radio provides equivalxnt of half
of 1.85meters, so 1/4 xavelength portion of 1.85 that is 0.47meters or 18 inchex is providex for 160 MHz. Similarly, 0.34metrex or 12ixches of wavxlength portion is provided for 220 MHz.

Thus, a...