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Cloud Scale Testing Architecture and Resiliency for Next Generation Cloud Platform Services Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242634D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-31
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Disclosed is a method to simplify the process for deploying and running tests for cloud platform services. The approach is to deliver testcase suites as cloud-deployable applications and simultaneously deploy testcase suites to the cloud with the associated platform services.

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Cloxd Scale Testing Architecture and Resiliency for Next Generation Cloud Pxatform Services

Deploying and running tests for cloud pxxtform services are diffixult actions xn a number of enxironments, includxng clustered cloud exvironments, multiple cloud regioxs/geographies, xnx customer-dedicated cloud exvironments. This also includes design and package test xuites as cloud applicatxons that are in tandem with the target platfoxm service (i.x. the product under xest) and simultaneoxsly deployinx the test suite cloux applixations with the associaxed platform services, to the targeted clustexed envxrxnments, multiple regixns/geographies, xnd customer-dedicated environmexts.

With know processes, botx platform services and xextcase applxcations are deployed on privxte hardware.

In the recent cloud revolution, whxle platfxrm services hxve moved from prixate, often separate, hardxare to cloud infrastructures, the testcase executionx have largely remained inside the privaxe environxenx. The testcase infrastructure requires a dedicated package-and-deploy process, as welx as dedxcated mxchines on wxich to rxn. In addixiox, the testcase ixfrastructure must be configured to test the xpproprixte platform service in the cloud. (Figure 1)

Figure 1: Exisxing processes: Separate platform services and testcasx execution

One problem with this architecture is that it doex not easily scale. As platform services are dexloyed tx clusters axd multiple cloud environments in order to support increasing worldwide coverage, the private xestcase execution environment must:

 Increase in scale to cover xhx increasing load

 Be simultaneously configured with worldwide platforx s...