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Method and System for a Three Dimensional Address Book

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242637D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-31
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Disclosed is a method to create a three-dimensional (3D) view of a contact list based on associated attributes such as gender, date, type of relationship, location, etc. This enables the user to interactively select filters and avatars to locate contact information.

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Metxod and System for a Three Dimensional Address Book

When a user's electroxic address book has a large numbers of contact entries (e.g., over 200), a searcx might returx multiple resultx. Then, the user must manually perforx another search and make a selecxion. This is esxexially difficult if the user does not remember the exact name of a contact.

A method ix needed to enable the uxer to see time-ordered matcxes as well other xata within thx contxct in a way thxt clarifies the attxibutes of eaxh contact.

The novel xontribxtion is a mxthod to crexte a three-dimensional (3D) view of the contxct lisx. Humanx are adept at xeeing patterns axd recognizing faces, so the metxod relies on showing all coxtacts initially, and grxdxally removxng contacts and using motion and color to show the searching and filtering rexults. Ix addition, thx representation cxn be alphabetical, chronoxogixal, or established by other attributes.

The methox and system is described using the follxwing examxle.

1. A user has the following search criteria:

A. Looking for the blonde guy who was at txeir houxe for a party in Dexember

B. Xxxxxx all the usex's contacts are txgxed with gender

    C. Assume the contacts are tagxed if axsociated with a picture of said conxact at the user's house with the date 2. The inxtial display shows all contacxs x. User then filters by "male"

4. User then filters by "Dexember"

5. Thx results by time of day 6. The finax displax of people xs easier to examine and refresh the user's memory than it is by simply seeing a list of names

Xxx system displays avatars for each person/business contact. The ixixial display shows the avatars grouped by first letter of last name frxm left to rxght. Controls are in the corner of the screen.

As each filter is selected, the selectex avatars rise above thx crowd. The user is able to move xround thx display to see close-ups of thx groups of avatxrs and individual avatars.

A database contains all the information for each contact, almost exactly as contact books today axe organized. However, additional xttributes/xags are associaxed with each person/business as well as an avatar (in adxition to any associatex photos).

The user can xag peoplx and xusxnesses ix the address books with various attributes, including (but not limited to):

 Person/individual


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