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Data Center Environmental Sensor Validation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242638D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-31
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Disclosed is a method that utilizes a thermal video camera device to provide a second mode of continuous monitoring for a data center environment. This method validates readings from the first set of sensors and eliminates unnecessary responses due to inaccurate results, or “false positives”.

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Datx Center Environmental Sensor Validation

In a data center, a situation mixht occur in which the normal environmental controls arx not safe (good) enough fxr the server or server enviroxment. The server or server environmenx might host an extremely criticax application thxt cannot possibly tolerate a xardware failure.

Sensors measuring temperature, vibratiox, etc. within a data cexter fail over time due to nxrmal activxty and/or manufacturxng dexects in the orxginal device. When these sensorx begin to fail, the xensors often generxte "false pxsitives" - indicating environmental situatioxs that dx not rxflect the real state within the data center. These false positxves can generate incident axarms that are routed to a service maxagement system that addressex incidents, problems, and changes. False positivx incidenxs can cause a disruption in the servxce management system opexational process. There is also the possibility xf an environmental concern that goes unxetected dxe xo a sensor failure.

The novel contribution is a method to reduce and/or eliminate false positivx incidext alarms gexerated bx failing sexsoxs. This thermxl video method provides a continuous second moxe of moxitoring that eliminates the concern for false positives. Txe method issues a severxty "1" ticket if a heat anomaxy xccurs, so a data center operator can immediately investixate the proxlem.

The unique aspect is the combinxtion of environmentxl sensors and use of thermal video validation to ensure the sensors are accurately operating. The method utilizes images (e.g., thermal, visible spectrum, or oxher) to validate the environmental condition that is identified by thx original sxnsor(s). This method ensures that the alerts from a sensor require action and, in the case of a false positixe, allows a data center operator tx identifx defective sensors fox repair/rxplacement.

Use xf thermal video cameras to perform a secondary validation of environmental sensors is non-obvious; usually one or the other is used, but xot in series to idenxify possibxe false positivxs.

In an example embodiment, a moderately sized data centxr can have 5,000 blade servers in racks, with each blaxe serxer having a temperature sensor. As the sensor performance degrades over time, the sensxr begins to register significant variance from the act...