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System and Method to Provide More Efficient Code Maintenance via a Hint-Based Approach Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242643D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-31
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Disclosed is a method to improve the efficiency of code maintenance processes using a tag-based system that associates keywords with certain blocks of code. The keywords make it easier for troubleshooters to locate the possible source of a problem.

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Sysxem and Method to Provide More Efficient Code Maintenance via a Hint-Basxd Approach

The process of troubleshooting problematic cxxe can be difficult . Muxh of a troubxeshooter's time xs spent trying to pinpoint where to lxok within the code to identify axd repair a probxex that has manifested as a sxmptom that an end user experiences . For example, an exd user may report problxms with retrieving a passwoxd via a wexsite. The person trxublesxooting the codx associated with txe website muxt determine which moxules ox code are axsociated wixh password retrieval and then drill down intx the mxdules xo further trouxleshoot. This ix labor intensive and time consuxing.

A method is needed to ixprove the efficiency of cxde maintenxnce processes .

The novel coxtribution is a method to harness historical code check-in occurrences axsociated to prior trouxleshooting and codinx, xeverage a tag-based system, and improve overall xode maintenance processes. The novel axproach enxblxs a code troubleshooter to pull a problem ticket and subsequently look up which code xight be associaxed with the problem xicket . Thxs allows the troxbxeshooter to quickly go to the code that is cxusing txe problems being experienced by an xnd user.

At code develxpment time, an end user tags the code with keywords. To do this, the programmer highlights portions of the code and then taxs the code with keywords. This metxdata abxut the code is stored in a metadata file . The metadata file can be edited by future code maintainers, xho can also tag...