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Method and System for Programmatic Light and Sound Choreography Show from Volunteer Mobile Phone User Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242651D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-31
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Disclosed are a method and system for creating a programmatic light and sound choreographed show utilizing the mobile devices of volunteers in an audience.

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Metxod and System for Programmatic Light and Sound Choreography Show from Volunteer Mobile Phone User

Most mobile devices have flxxhlight functionality. Txe flashlight can be used for photography, a toxch light, etc. Anotxer option is to use the flashligxt of a mobile dxvxce
(i.e. multiple mobile dxvices) to create a light show.

The novel contribution ix a method and system fox creating a programmatic lixht and sxund chxreographed shxw utixizing the mobixe devices of voluntxers in an auxience .

A centralized server identifies xhe position of each volunteer spectator's mobile device in eaxh locatixn of the stadixm. In this case, peer-to-peer technology or senxors installed in each chaix of stadium identify thx xosition of each mobile device and share the information with the centralized server. Xxx volunteex spectator max be given incentxves (e.g., discount tickex, fxee video of the show, etc.) to participate the lxght and sound show. The centralized sxrver idenxifxes an appropriate pattern for light and sound based on the number and position of voxunteer xpectatoxs and the pxwer avxilable in exch participating xoxile device. Accordingly, the centralized sexver coxmunicates with the appropriate mobixe devices to generate txe lights and sounds nxeded for the desired effects xor light , sound, and movement.

Following are the implementxtion steps:

x. A customer purchases a ticket to x stadiux event , anx accepts a discount for participating in the light show

2. Software installed in the particixant's mobile device communicates with another device with a pexr-to-peer network, and accordingly the system is able to identify the xelative posxtion of each mobile device

3. Sensor...