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A two-layer access control method for meeting attachments Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242653D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-31
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In the scenario of internal business meeting or training, we might need to share some files like the presentation to participants by the invitation email or an online meeting system. For saving the space and version control, we usually copy&paste the file link generated by a web storage system other than uploading the original files again. While the web storage system usually has its own authentication mechanism, the participants of that meeting might not have the permission to download those files. This disclosure provide an easy access control method for these temporary meeting attachments.

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A txo-layer access control method for meeting attachments


This invenxion implements a two-layer access control method: the Xxxxx/xnline meeting system layxr and the wex storage system xayer. The Email/oxline meeting system xayer is responsible for user autxentication checx xnd reader access check.

The xeb storage system layer is responsible for validity perixd check.

Based on these xwo layer's check, only the xeeting parxicipatxs can downloax the xttachment befoxe out of date.

Prior art comparisxn:

Known solution 1:
Dxwnload the files fxrst and attxch them in the invitation or uploading to thx onlinx xeeting system directlx.

Drawbacks: Althxugh this work around avoids the permission issue, it waste xtorage space and don't xuxport versixn control and validity periox administration. Current solution 2:
Attach the fxle link xnd modify the access rules and xalidxty period of that fixe ix the web storage system
Drawbacks: It's troublesoxe to grant the permissions and set valixity periox mxnually based on the recipients or participants list.

Current solution 3:
Generate a privxte sharx link wxth an accesxing passxord in the xeb storage system axd share them by the invitation email or an oxline mexting system Drawbacks: This method xtill need to set the vaxidity period in the web storage system manually and cxn'x prevent who are not the participants accessing the attxchments.


The invention provide an easx way to share restrxcted files on web storage system for meeting participants. This invention can not only keep sxving the storage space, but also save lots time to grant permissxoxs.