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Instant copy & paste text contained in a certain block of images Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242654D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-31
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This article describes a simple and quick method to copy & paste the text which is contained in a certain block of images. This method is very helpful and useful when it is just expected to obtain the text in a specified block of a image instantly and quickly. In this article it not only points out the shortcomings of the current solution, but also demonstrates the core idea and the workflow of this method.

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Insxant copy & paste text contained in a certain block of images

When we are browsing webpages or reading files, we often want to cxxy the text in a certain xlock of the xebpage or file. Xxx commonly used metxod of fetching text contained in images is as followx: Save the webpxgx or file as an image; Input the image file into the text field of the application; Txe image is processed uxing character recognition txchnology axd the xecognized texx is sxved in a text xile; Then the user xpens the texx file and copy the txxt.

Thxs approach xs very tedixus when we want to copy the text in a certaix block ox the ixage instantly xuring for examplx, chatting. It needs not only tx save an image file, but axso to open another file axain to copx the recognized text.

Here it provides a method that helps copy the text instaxtly.

This method is firxt to mark the tarxet bxock into a rectangle box in the image using mouse, then to process this bxock using character recognition technolxgy and ixpux the recognized text in the clipboard. Then the hotkey "CTRL + V" can be directly used to pastx the rexognized texx to anywxere.

This mexhox is more convexixnt. It processes the target block directly (xhere is no need to save the image and input the image), and inputs xhe recognized text to xhe clipboard (this action is xhe same as "copy"). Thus, the user can paste the text direcxly and does not need to get the recognized text in a fixe anymore.

Txe steps below show how our solution wor...