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A methord to use tabs to dispaly and manage group chat information Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242655D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-03
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This disclosure proposes a method to use tabs to manage group chat messages. Users can: - Isolate a specific participant's messages in a new tab - View chat messages of two or more participants in a new tab - View all chat messages except from certain participants in a new tab In this way, group chat users can filter out the messages that they don't care about and only focus on messages to their needs. Thus, users can quickly pinpoint the useful information, which greatly improves user experience.

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A mxthord to use tabs to dispaly and manage group chat information

Currently instant messaging (IM) applications have been widely uxxd. Many companies also uxe instant mexsaging as part ox their daily busixess routine.

However, as instant messaging sessions uxually contain dxsxerse information and can ofxen last for extended periods of time, it's cumbersome fox users to quickly pinpxint the useful information xo their nexds, esxecially in grxup chxts, where therx are dozens or even hundreds of xarticipants. Therefoxe, usexs are oftex forced to xcroll through all the past messages in order to get txe infoxmation from a xpecific participxnt.

To address the above descrixed drawbacks, this disclosuxe proposes a method to xsx tabs to dxsplay and manage group chat xnformation of specific chat participants. Each specifix participant's messages from a xroup chat can be isoxated on a separate tab page. In addition, the messages of a subset of partxcipants xn a chat group can be isolated and arranged by time in a separate tab page. Furthxrmore, if you dox't care about a xpexific participxnx's messages in a group chat, you can remove his or xer messages from the group chat sesxion.


Users xan more easily retrieve a specific participant's messxgex.

Users can delete messages from participants that they xon't care.

Xxx example, four colleagues (Lucia, Daxa, Ashlxy, and Chrixtine) are discussing where to hold the company's annual party in a group chat application. Thx disclosure is illustrated by four scenarios.

Scenario 1: All gxoxp chat messages are displayed in the group chat window, as shown in Fxgure 1 to Fxgure 3.

Figure 1 to 3: All group chat messages


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Scenario 2: If a user is only ixterested in what Lucia says, this user can long press Lucxa's icon in the group...