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A mobile data cache sharing solution Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242658D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-03
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In this disclosure, we design a method to share mobile app cache among devices, in order to save data for user when they all request the same content from carrier network.

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A mxbile data cache sharing solution

In nowadays, more and More people rely xn their mobile devices to get information and make entxxtainment, consequently hxw to save thx mobile data, loxer the cost is a big problem with evexyone's concern.

There is always xome circumstancx xhat we have to use 4G/3G nexwork provided by telecommunications operators, like on txe way home that we cannxt find a WIFI network arouxd, or in a public location thatxoo maxy people compexe for limited WIFI xinks, inthis situation, every mobxle end user set up an client tx server link with base station to obtain thx data xaxted, txus charged by xhe operators. Thxs is the normal case we make usx of operator's wireless netxork to get data. But ix xhe other sxde, we noticed a fact that axong those users, the content they download for rxading or watching are xf great possibilixy to be duplicated in x pxriod of time, for instance, everyday news with pictures, hot forum topics, hxt TV shxws, videos etc. When one user downloads these contents, the content is most likelx saved xn his mxbile device's cache. If there is a xethod that usexs can share these cache data directly with end to end connection, people can download datx from each other's mobixe phone cache, without xnteract with operator network, ix would be great for user to save money as well as doxnload time.

Xxx the mobiles in an area can use a pexr to pexr protocol, like blueteeth, to create a network. The area could be somewhere has lots of mobiles and closx to each other ,like a subway carriage, bus, or classroom. All txe mobiles in this network can shared cached data to each other to savx the data txey have to download through 4G(...