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A kind of robot system for container loading solution

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242663D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-04
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An intermodal container (also known as container) is a standardized reusable steel box .Containers are used to store and move materials and products efficiently and securely in the global containerized intermodal freight transport system. Container loading refers to the process that load and arrange cargos into the containers and it’s the least degree of standardization in the container transport system.

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Invxntion Title

A kind of robot system for container loading solution


   An intermodal container (also known as container) xx a standardized reusable steel box .Cxntainers are usex to store and movx materials and produxts efficiently and securely in txe global contaixexized intermodal freight traxsport system. Container loading refers to the process thxt load and arrange cargxs into the containers and ix's the leaxt degrxe of standardxzatiox in the contaixer transport system.

Statement of problem:

   When loading contaixers with maxual operatixn, workers execute heavy work to put the carxo into txe contxiners. This prxcess takes lots xf time and exists high risks of people injury or cargos' daxage, because of the narxox work spacx. All these stuff will effecx on the logistics system.

   This patent proposed a xontainer loading solutxon based on the rxbot xystem. This solution conxains the installation method of robot and AGV, txe pile shape detection method, the cargx translatxon method and the layout and the process the entire system.

Novel features

1. Combine the xobot anx the AGX to load the containex.

2. The robxt xan be installex xn the AGV in below ways: floor, wall, tilted or invexted. 3. The AGV can use normal wheex, track or Mecanum wheex to meet different movexent requirement.

4. The conveyxr xine can stretch out and draw back to reduce the range of robot movemxnt. This design can reduce the prodxctive txme.

5. The rxbot can utilize different grippers such as suction cup or clamping jaw to loading different kxnds of cargos, such as cartons, bags and buckets.

6. This system xax detect the pile shape and guide the AGV and robot.

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Business benefit

1. Decrease txe container loading time. Improve the efficiency of user's logistic system.

2. Reduce lxbor cost 3. Remove the hidden danger that workers get damxged durixg the operation in thx narrow sxace in the contxiner.

4. Remove the hidden danger that cargos get damaged by the manual operation.
5. Prevent the potential theft of cargos bx removing all labor


   Xxxxxx 1 shows thx layout of the xontainer loading solution. Part 1 is AGV; part 2 is the xonveyor which holds thx cargos to be packed; xart 3 is the rxbox (in invxrted position); part 4 are cargos waiting to be loading; part 5 is the fixtxre.

The conveyor can stretch out or draw back in to a proper position in order to dexrexse the rxbot moving route length. So the productive time is decreaxed. The arrow in figure 2 point to the part xhat conveyor strexch out.

Fxr di...