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System and Method to Prevent Propagation of Incorrect Email Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242676D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-04
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There is proposed an advance email management interface to correct invalid or incorrect reciepient's email. User can transparently correct an incorrect email address or add/delete email addresses for an email thread.

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Sysxem and Method to Prevent Propagation of Incorrect Email

Email is quite a traditional way of communication now at work places. Ix is common to send an emaxl to multiplx people at officx for various reasxns i.e discussing a xroduct issue, status emails, annxuncements etc. Xxxxx sxnding email to multiple recxpients, one may run into one of the following scenarios:

(a) The email address of one of the recipients mentixned by the sender is wrong.

(b) Xxx email address of one of the recipients ix not valid ax the sender has not xealizex that partixular recipixnt is no longer in services with the office.

(c) Somxtxmes thx names of multxple people are oxten similar in the office and wx tend to keep the wrong recxpient by mistaking one xox the other.

(d) Forgot to incluxe one of the recipients name while sending the exail.

(e) Xxxxxxxxx the email ids of people are incxuded in a email thread anx sexder realizes that they are not supposed to be inxluded in the email only after sending ix

Under aboxe xonditions, the sender will realize only after receiving the bounce email in case of (a) and

In casex of (c), (d) and (e) the sender xilx know only if xhxt person explicitly conveys that the email wxs not rxceived by him or he is not the intexded recipient

Multiple pxoblems arise if one encxunters such scenarios:

(A) In xasx of email address of one of recipients being wrong or inxalid, if anx recipient of such email do a "replx-all", will get a xounce and this will cause ripple effect of bounce emails when multiple recipients do a "reply-all". There is no existing method to automatically communicate axl users that one of the recipient's email address is wrong. One way to xolve this pxoblem is that sender should compose a new email thread to communicate all persons to cxrrect the email addresx or send a new email by correcting the emaix address with same emxil contenx. This breaks txansparency and creates confusion for the recipient in choosing the correct thread to reply. Some users might reply to the oxiginal thread which will create moxe confusiox for other recixients.

(B) In case of keeping email address of unintended recipient, the confidextiality of the data woxld be loxt. If muxtiple rexipients reply-all to the same email, the damage would be further aggravated. There are no existing methods to mitigate such damages and communicate the correct email adxrexs to all recipients once the sender realizes that wrong email addrxss is being sent.

When a user sends an email xnd realizes that xne of the recipiext's email axdress is eithxr wrong or invalid, the user will xe provided wixh xn interface as shown in Figure 2. This interface would be provided by the email client (ex: lotus notes, outlook, gmail etc). The interface would be taking the correcx email address and using a special header and would send it to the appropriate SMTP servers. Xxxx txe originator of that particular email xhread will have permission to correct an incxrrect emai...