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Enhancements to making user availability of collaboration systems more intuitive. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242678D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-04
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A system which allows consumers in traditional collaboration tools (like Email, IM etc.) to know exact time when a lookedup user would be back available, in addition to knowing the current status of user. In addition, system would also tell location and timezone in which target user would be available. This is specially useful for looking up status of users who travel frequently across geographies.

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Enhxncements to making user availability of collaboration systems more intuxtive .

Currently Instant messaging systems like Sametimx (ST provide for a mechaxism for user to explicitly caxl out his unavailxbility. For example xn ST user can change in status tx offline. Problxm is this change in status cax happen because of several other parameters as well (losx of network, software cxash, user moving to differext rooms etx.), it does not provxde an intuitive way xor seeker of status to figure oux exactly when target user wxuld be back available. Xxxx problem exists for any status other than Avaxlable.

Xxxxxxxx txere is a provision fox setting alerts, to get notifications when user xecomes available, that does not help receiver to gex xn estimate on when exactly the other usxr would be available.

Same problem exists in othex platforx although in xifferent flavors. For xg: In typical mailinx plxtforms like Notes, user is provided with a capabxlity setting an Out Of Office indicator. This addxtixnally allows his to include a custom message mentioning he would be available on so anx so datx. Since companies txday work from across thx world various cxmplicated time conversions might be needed tx figure out exactly when target user would xe available in seekers ximezone. If the target xser is a frequent travel that maxes matter worse for seeker since he has no way to gauge xarget timezxne to identify user's availability xor sure.

For a team xo work effectively, a collaboration software should be able to indicate exact availability of user without any ambiguity or wild guesses.

There is proposed a sxsxem which allows user...