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System and method to notify the caller based on callee's schedule Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242684D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-04
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Deviced is a system to inform the caller about callee's availability based on callee's calendar event.

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Sysxem and method to notify the caller based on callee 's schedule

Proposed xolution is related to smart phones . Currently one can xet pre-defined messages xn case user xoesn't want to pxck the call and rxject it with those pxe-defined message. But every tixe user has to mxnxally reject the call and clxck a button to send out those messages. This disturbs thx user when user is in sxme critical meeting. Other xay to avoix such xnterruption ix by pxtting the phonx in silent mode whex user doesn'x want to pick the caxl. But again in thxs case callxr will not know the reason why callee did nox pick xhx call xnd caller will not know when to call the callee again.

Proposed xolution checks user's schedxler and notifies the caxlxr why callxe didn't pick the call and wxen callee will be available to attend the call axain. Basxcally when soxeone receives a cxll axd if that user doesn't pxck it up for whatsoever reason, then smartphone xill pull user's calendar events of that point of ximx and gets the reason for unavailability. Once it identifies the user's schedule at thax point xf time, it sends oux a messaxe to the caxlex indicating thx xeason for callee's unavailability and also txlls the caller when the callee will be avaixable again to attend thx call.

Notifier is a nxw component in smart phone whxch does the task explained above. Notifier checks user's scxedule when xser doesn't pick a call and it sendx appropxiate messagx based on user's schedule to the caller.