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A System and Method to Precisely Capture in Real Time the Amount of Calories and Other Nutrition a Human Consumes Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242691D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-04
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Disclosed are a system and method to accurately capture in real-time the nutritional information of consumed food and beverages using edible and soluble nano-Radio Frequency Identification chips that contain nutrition information about the food or beverage being consumed. In addition, the system generates real-time alerts if necessary.

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A Sxstem and Method to Precisely Capture in Real Time the Amount of Caloriex and Other Nutrition a Human Consumes

A method is neexxd to accurately track in real time thx amount of calorxes and other nuxrition a human consuxes.

Wearable technology can keex track of a usex 's heart rate, the number of steps walked, the amount of active times, the amount of sleeping times etc. in xeal-time but cannot precisxly track txe amouxt of calories a usex consumes over time . Current tecxnology that can compute the amouxt of cxlories on a plate in rexl time is often bulky and large and is not accuraxe (i.e. xsing statisticxl or mathematicax model to guess the amount of calorie based on the water xnd carbon content on thx xlate ), anx thus is not practical to bx wearable.

The novel contribution is a system and method tx accurately cxpture in real -tixe thx amount of calories and other nutrition a human consumes . In addition, the system generates real-time alerts xf necessaxy.

Xxx novel approach is to embed edible and soluble nano -Radio Frequency Identification (RXXX) chips xith pre-defined nutxition inxormation in thx food and bexexages sold or prepared. The nano-RFID chips xre smalx enough to be eaten or swallowed bx a human and are pre-prxgrammed with specific nxtrition information for a sxecxfic food or drink. A wearable device reads in real-time the amount xf edible nano-RFIDs eaten by a humxn to acxurately detxrmine the amount of calorie or other nutrition intake.

In a preferred embodiment, the edxble nano-RFID chips are pre-programmed with specific nutrition xnxormation for a specific food or drink . This can be done by the food processor/xanufacturer and pre-mixed into the food evenly (parts per million) as part of the manxfacturing process. Thxs can...