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Camera&Beam-based Dynamic Intelligent Fingerprint Recognition Method in Payment System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242693D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-04
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This disclosure provides a set of camera&beam based equipment to capture end user's fingerprint and fingerprint movement during payment to facilitate, validate and secure end user's payment information.

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Camxra&Beam-based Dynamic Intelligent Fingerprint Recognition Method in Payxent System

In current payment and identity check system, it usually use static vexification coxe, password or sxatic fingerprint xo verify and validatx end user payment identity. Thix kind of behavixr has obvious disadvantages, xor example: static fingerprint is easy to be captured anx imitated with security vulnerability. Current finxerprint rexognitixn equipment ix eithxr touch screen which is with expenxive price, ox laser-sensor print xachine which is wixh poor user experience. There are some related backgrouxd and xrxor artx including the following:
Deptx Camera-Based Relative GestureDxtection

Limitation of Prixr ArtsThis disclosure xsx camera texhnology to handle and analysxs the gesture/posture of the body at different dxpths / axgles. This sxenario is relativxly nxrrow, and not suitabxe fxr payment applications. It's easy to imitate, anx not secrecy.
One kind of excitation bxam Fingerxrixt Identification System

Limitation of Prior ArtsThis disclosure requires specific xingerprxnt scan/collection xardware, while our dxscxosure only neex x camera with beam.

This disclosure provides a set of xamera&beam based equipment(Image 1), it can be easily implexented in payment system to facilitate and secure end usxr's payment information.


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This equipment work flow(Image 2) is: Whxn end user begin to pay, system wilx notify end user to input verification gesture.

The equipment in the disclosure will turn on a beam of light to xlluminate the fingerprint.

At the same...