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Publication Date: 2015-Aug-05
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The present invention relates generally to performing downhole operations using coiled tubing in cased wells and open-hole laterals and particularly, to an apparatus that measures the forces subjected to the downhole BHA in real time. There are many necessary operations for completed wells to ensure the production stays at the essential amount. In the construction of oil and gas wells, a wellbore is drilled into one or more subterranean formations or zones containing oil and/or gas to be produced. Over time a wellbore can become obstructed by different fluids/debris and the oil production will reduce and be much less than the optimal operating level. Coiled tubing is often used for well cleans outs and other operations to help bring the production back to the correct operating level.

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Many different tools and operations can be used to accomplish these tasks but there is a reccurring issue that is present with any of these jobs. It is essential for coiled tubing operators at the surface to know the forces acting on the downhole tool string to accurately and efficiently control the operations. By knowing in real time the forces acting on the downhole BHA, the operators can make correct intervention decisions and complete jobs more efficiently and in less time. When performing downhole operations the BHA is subjected to a variety of different loads including tension, compression, torque and shock. It is important to know how much force is applied to the BHA to ensure the tools are not pushed over their ratings and to assist in performing well intervention operations. It is important to know if the force you are applying at surface is all applied to the BHA or if there is CT buckling occurring. Whether it is providing the weight on bit during milling operations or assist during fishing it is important to know at the surface the load and torque applied down hole. By having this information, it provides greater efficiency and control to the coiled tubing operator when performing well intervention jobs.

A load module tool can be connected to the coiled tubing BHA and this module will provide the axial and torsional forces acting on the BHA. Transducers are mounted on the load module in such a way to measure the forces acting on the BHA but still allow flow thru capabilities. The load module uses a downhole computing method and fiber optics to send the data to the surface operators in real time. This allows for instant downhole information and the operators can know exactly what forces are affecting the BHA and can efficiently control the operation.

This load module is designed to interface with an existing collar, pressure and temperature tool and then run simultaneously. The existing tool may be directly connected to the fiber optics in the coiled tubing and the load m...