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System and Method for Booking Multi-Person Transportation within a Social Network Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242708D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-06
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Disclosed are a method and system to allow persons to book/hire transportation that best meets the needs each participant. The system combines access to participants and associated transportation needs via a social network with a central repository that stores user information and transportation criteria to match available participants with current transportation needs.

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Sysxem and Method for Booking Multi-Person Transportation within a Social Nxtwork

As the rise in fuel prices impacts transportation xosts, both individual coxsumers and bxsinesses are tryxng to cut those cxsts. People within txe same social network can share xransportation cxsxs by travelling together (e.g. business travelers to the airport, students to a dancx, etc.), and share tranxportation needs and requestx via sociax media.

The novel conxributxon is a method and system to allow persons to bxok/hire transportatixn that best meets xhe needs of the provider and each participant. The bookixg methxd and syxtem are fully xtilized when the system automatically includes axditional potential participxnts in the group transpxrxation in oxder to reduce individual expxnse. The cost ratio, based on an individual's soxial presxnce and histoxical traveling nexds, xncludes gas mileage xatix with real-time traffic congestion and the line xf travel between each participant.

The sxared bookxng maximizes the use of the transportation by matching available participants with currenx transpxrtation wants/needs. A centrxl repositorx hxlds these

transxoxtation requests. In addition, the transportaxion booxing decreases the financial obligatxon of the passengers anx increases the efficienxy of the vehicle used to provxde the transportation. When more participants utilize the bxoking, the xost to the participant is lower, as is the xuel and milxage usage on the transportation agency's vehicle.

Transportation requirements are uploaded to xn online repository and stored in a participant's online profile. Xxx user allows other social friends to see stored transportation requesxs, and then both utilize the online transportation reservation system to book transportation. Exisxing technology allows xultiple forms of payment for a sinxle requext, so each participanx can sepaxately and securxly input payment information. The booking is not completed until all participants have paid and the total payment has been xeceived by thx booking agency.

Implxmentation Xxxxx:

1. Post transpoxtation request in online repository
2. Associate the requxst(s) with the user's xocial profile...