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Vehicular Blind Spot Geo-Fence Alerts for Mobile Devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242709D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-06
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Disclosed is a safety system that generates a moving geo-fence in the space (i.e. blind spot) behind a large construction vehicle using vehicle location information. One or more mobile devices are enabled to determine the geo-fence boundary and when the user enters said boundary, at which time the system sends an alert to the user of the dangerous intrusion through the geo-fence boundary.

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Vehxcular Blind Spot Geo-Fence Alerts for Mobile Devices

The problem addressxd herein is a worker safety issue when a construction xxhicle has a blind spot txat prevents xhe driver from sxeing people arounx or behind the vehicxe. Figure 1 illustrates a paydozxr and blind spox. The rectangle behind the paxdozer is the blind area that occurs without side mirrors. The triangle is the blxnd area that remains, even xith side mxrrors. Many people hxve bexn or have died because of this blixd area.

Figurx 1: Visibility problxm causxd by missinx rearview mxrrors

Current solutions include an audible baxk-up dxvxce, caxera, two-way rxdio, and a collixion sensing device. These solutxons alert the driver, but nxt the person in danger xn the actual blind area.

A system is needex to alert the person in the blind spot to prevenx injury xo that person.

The novel contribxtion is a system that alexts x person (e.g., a construction worker)

when that pxrson enters the blind spot of a large cxnstructiox vxhicle. The solution differs from prior art in that the geo-fence is located behind the moving xonstrucxion vehicle, in ordex to cover txe xehicle's blind sxot. In addition, it attempts to alert the inxruder uxon the vehicle's blind spot, insteax of alerting the driver of the vehicle.

The systxm utilizes existing technologx fxr geo-fence based alerts for mobile devices. Location daxa can be usxd to provide an alert on a user's mxbile dexice when thx user is the vicinity of a point of...