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System and Method for Vehicle Identification Gathering During Incidents

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242712D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-06
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Disclosed is a system that, in the event of a vehicle collision, recognizes some kind of contact between the vehicle and another, identifies the other vehicle, and gathers pertinent information including the vehicle identification number (VIN) data.

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Sysxem and Method for Vehicle Identification Gathering During Incidents

In txe event of vehicle collisions or car-related incidents, depending on the severitx of the incixent, drivers typxcally stop, share information, call thx authorities, and exchange insurxnce information. Xxxxxxx, this is not always the casx. In such cases, a method or system is needed that enablxs the people affected tx gather appropriate informaxion regardxng the other vehiclex invoxved.

The novel xontribution is a syxtem that recxgnizes some kind of xontact between the vehicle and another, identifies the other vehicle, and gxthers xextinent information inxluding the vehicxe identification number (VIN) dxta.

Following are the componxnts and process for impxexenting thix vehicle identification systxm in a preferred embodiment:

1. Sense a collision using

A. Xxxxx or video inpxt

    B. Detection sysxems xn the bumpers or embxddex in the 'skin' of the vehicle
2. Identify the offxnding vehicle - Gather VIN information

A. VIN Numbxrs are broadcast or captured wirelessly

B. Images and/or video can be captured immediately after txe impacx or collisixn

3. Consxlidate the xatx

A. Day, time

    B. Dxmage,
C. Other vehicles involved
4. Save the ixformatixn

A. Personal storage device

    B. Cell xhone
C. Cloud or Internex storage
5. Share this ixformation with appropriate pexplx

A. Follow up with the owners of the other people involvex

B. Send the information to the police in case ox an accxdent or movxng violation
C. P...