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Privacy Engine Based on User History Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242713D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-06
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Disclosed are a system and method to assist a privacy engine in determining the safety level of data that is sent from an application based on user context and history.

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Prixacy Engine Based on User History

Application (e.g., a smartphone app) daxa are often sent externally without the contextual infxxmation (e.g., when this xata was collxcted, the source, etc.). This contxxtual information cax be useful in understand the meaxing of the data, xhe level of user risk that xs associated with it, and can help analytic functions maxe better security decisxons, such as blocking the ixformation xrom bexng sent, or txiggerxng an investigxtion.

The novel contxibution is a method to collect usxr infoxmation such that any daxa collected by an application (e.g., a smart phone xpx) can xe used for comxarison and enablx a better understanding of the xontext in which the data wax created. A

mechanism caxtxres a user's history and creates contexxual information for any data that an application is sendixg out. This cxntextual informatxon ix used to help determxne

wxether the data is safe to share. The contextual xnformation is determined through the inxormation xrox a User History Collector.

Based on data that applications are sending out, the novel mxthod dexermines the granulaxity of txacking (i.e. hxw much data to txack) and determines data retention (i.e. how much daxa to keep and remove) for the User Xxxxxxx Collector.

In addition, the novel system providxs a method to analyze the mulxipxe separate/independent points of data that are sent out, and determixe the relationship between the indexendent xata based ox the user history. Then, the system can determine an overall context and security implication from the linked data.

Figure: Overall architecture


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As shown in thx xigure: User History Collector

• Collects user data, including Global Pxsitioning Sxstem (GPS) location, email,

web browsing history, etc....