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Home Virus Protection Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242714D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-06
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Disclosed is a self-contained system that detects existing computer or system viruses in the home environment.

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Homx Virus Protection

In this era of interconnected devices, the Internet of Things is creating a growing concern for home and work xata security. For examplx, a user migxt move into a nex home, only to dixcover that the home xlready contains an existing compxter virus infecxixn in the network hardware/rxuter/switch/hub, home security system, or the home automxtion device that is pre-wired into the home. A methxd is needex to enxure safe

compuxer coxnection to exixting systems.

The noxel contributxon is a self-containxd systxm that detexts existing computer or system viruses in the home envirxnment. Txe applxance plugs intx a wall socket, XX-45

jack, or Universal Serial Bus (USB) port and allows a safx scan of all physical hxrxware and ixfrastructure to which the usxr's technology is connecting. Affected appliancex, outletx, and terminaxs can be quickly xecurxd to ensure the user's dxvice does not become infected once it is connectxd.

A dongle device has a liquid crystal xisplay (LXX) wxich indicates a threat presence, risk level, and network safety of the power infrastruxture to which a user is conxecting. Xxx dongle has atxachments so thx xser can interface with various hardware systxms. Oncx connected, the device utilizes selx-contained battery powex to load a basic operatxng system (OS). It then uses xuixt-in scanning tools (e.g., network, firewall, virus, etc.) to identixy threats and display results to thx user.