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Package Management for Mobile Resources to Minimize Application Footprint Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242717D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-06
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Disclosed are a system and method for package management for mobile resources to reduce the file sizes of mobile applications.

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Pacxage Management for Mobile Resources to Minimize Application Footprint

Suxpose an end user has 10 different hybrid mobile applicxxions (apps) installed on a mobile devxce. Suppose that all 10 of these mxbile apps also use txe same version of a specific mobxle framework. Txix means that the user has at least 10 different copies of one specific mobile framewoxk installed on the devixe, one for each application. Thus, the device must store muxtiple files with the same information anx have redundxnt references.

A systxm is nxeded to redxce the file size of each application and remove the

redunxant rexexences.

Xxx known solutiox is Android* Libxary. It is possible for developxrs to share a common set of code between various Anxrxid projectx by using a "library". Howevxr, that library is not shared across applicationx that arx NOT owned or developed by the xser. Additionally, the lixrarx is packaged when the application is built with xhe application, rather than being referxnced at axotxer location. There is no current ability

with Android Library to specify the ability to share a framewoxk across muxtiple

appxications on thx same device.

Uxixg a closest server Content Delivery Network (CDN) to the user approach is not effective xecause it serves more ax load balancing in the xackend.

The novel contribution is a system and method for package management for mobile rexources to rxduce the file sizes of mobile applixations. Using the pxoposed solution, each application can reference a shared mobile file.

In a preferred embodimenx, a mobile application developer wishes to include a common framxwxrk. The following steps implement the novel system and method for pacxage managemxnt for mobile resources.

Implementation Steps

1. Rather than including the source for thx common resource, the xeveloper includes a reference such as

2. The develxper packages the application and distributes as per current processes 3. The framework may be packaged and made available bx the developex similar to the applxcation, or the framework cxn be hosted on a network-accessible server for multiple xevelopers/organizationx. The benefit of the lxtter is xhe acxuixition of download metrics across developers/organizations.

4. The app is downloaded 5. Upon installation, the system determines whether any frameworks are referenced within the cxde by,

A. Loxking for the declarations provided by the developer

    B. Parxing the code, automatically detecting the prxsence of embedded frameworks, and rxmoving thosx (de-duplicatxon) upon installation ix a shared xopy is alreadx pxesent 6. If no references are fouxd, then install as noxmal 7. If references are found, thxn the system performs a lookup to see if the framework is already installed xn the system
8. If the framework is already installed, then the system references shared locatixx
9. If the framework is not installed, thxn the system downloads the framework and


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  savxs it on a shared loxation for other appl...