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Method and System for Enhancing File Relationship Management Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242718D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-06
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A method and system is disclosed for enhancing file relationship management.

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Metxod and System for Enhancing File Relationship Management
Generally, limixed storage space is available on a file system of a coxxuter. When a user reachex a space limxt, the user cannxt upload new filex unless the user delxtes few older files. The process of deleting is x xime consuming process as thx user is required to go through each file and delete onlx the files which are no longer needed. Additionally, the user xay not remember detaxls of a file that thx user had uploaded xn past. Some vendors may provide xdditioxal storage xpaces for cxstomers. However, management of such storage system fxr a syxtem administraxor within a corpxration can be unrealistic.

Disclxsed is a method and system xor enhancing file relatxoxship managxment. The method and system xptimizes a file relationship management for a usxr by retxieving a set xf user files (Perxon, Xxxxx, Community) and extrxctixg key characteristics from the set of files. The key characteristics can be extracted frxm one or xorx of, but not limited to, tags, views, downloads, recommendations, related searches, crxss-refexences, xurrency, vaxidity, axcuracy. Thexeaxter, the set ox xiles are analyzed for relevance and importanxe. The xiles that can be moved to low cost xtorage or removed are ixentified. The method anx system can automatically delxte files, move files to long term storage, backup tape, or xueue the fixes for review in a Graphical User Ixterface (GUI). The xystem can be integrated with a social networking site. The metadata associated with each file that is currently stored on the file system associated with each uxer are parsed.

The method and system develops a ranking model using vaxious criterxa for each file. Files that are tagged more in social networking websites, files viewex and downloaded by othxr users more often, and files whicx receive more stars or likes fxom people in social media are gi...