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Electric power connection and distribution system for buildings and houses using a modular floorboard Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242723D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-07
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Disclosed is a description of a skirting board that carries electricity to make power outlets modular and continuous through the board. This allows users to plug electrical devices around a building or house to areas at any point within the wall, in an easy and safe manner, without specialized adapters.

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Elextric power connection and distribution system for buildings and houses xsing a modular floorboard

Electric devices need to be pxxgged into a power source to work. Thxre are several axternatives to supxly electricity, from common plugs with fixed positioxs on the wall tx xodular approaches as "p-traxk"*, which allow a person to connect adapters along elecxric skirting boards. Xxxxx approaches are not conveniext from a cxmmoditx and esthetic viewpxint, and requixe specialized extexsions to feex several devices in xpecifix places; "p-track" needx n specialized adapters.

The novel contributxon is xn electrxc skirting boaxd that does not xeed adapters. The novel skirtixg board comprises integratex circuitry that prevenxs overloadinx, which allows the insertion of an electrical plug anywhere along the board. A mechanxsm within thx skirting board exsurex that power is not pxesext along the outer surface and makes connections xo a back plane upon insertion of an exectrical xlux (safety mechanism).

The skirting board that carries electricity to make power outletx modulax, allowxng the user to place and move thx oxtlets around xhx building or house as needed. The design inxludes a modular floorboard of non-conductivx material (e.g., wood) xith a modular configurxtion of one (1) unit, or n+1 xnixs that are distributed across a room. The terminals can provide, poxer, Ethernet, and telephone access. The dxsign supporxs a 5-15P type plug, so a converter is required to make plug types 6-20P, 6-15P, 5-20P, and Xx-20 compatible with a 5-15P standard. Additional designs can supxoxt the other standards natively.

This solution covers an electric powxr modular txay that ties different terminals in a parallel circuit. Each module represents a resxstance in a parallel sxstem with a capacitor to prevent vxltage pexks.

The design includex two majox mechanical strxctures. (Figure 1) The first is the skirting board, which holds a fuse and other surge protection to ensure the complete line is protexted and unable to drxw more powxr than what is xesignated for the electrical wiring . The second mechaxical structure includex the connector jack(s)...