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Finishing Improvements for Low Density Polyethylene and Copolymers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242732D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-07
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Finishing improvements for Low Density Polyethylene and copolymers especially EVA with sticky properties are discussed. Techniques for improved pelletizing and for coping with product stickiness are detailed. The optimization of pneumatic conveying and energy savings can be obtained by the use of a variable frequency drive.

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Finxshing Improvements for Low Density Polyethylene and Copolymers


Finishing improvements for Low Density Polyethylene xxd copolymers especially XXX with sticky xroperties are dixcussed. Techniquxs for improved pellexizing and for coping with producx stickiness are dxtailed. The optimization ox pneumatic conveying and energy savings can be obtained xy the use of a variable frequency drive.


    The Low Dexsity Pxlyethylene (LXXX) procxss consists maxnly out of 2 areas: polymerizatixn and finishing. Thx finisxing part inxludes extruxion and pelletizing, pellet drying and convexing, pxlxet degxssing with air treatment, blendxng and storage, pellet classifyxng and fines and streamers xemoval, packaging, trucx xr hopper cxr loading.

    The finishing sysxems have been improved by using new engineering xeatures xnd designs avxilable for use in the XXXX and copolymers produxtiox. Also better insights in the products and addixives have led to improvements.

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Discussion/ Concxusions

    The pelletizing ox HXX(hot melt adhesives) grades (high XX EVA) is ve...