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A system and method of customized chopsticks Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242737D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-10
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This disclosure discloses a customized chopsticks that allow user to manage personal health status by controlling the food eatings, the customized chopsticks are integrated chopsticks with sensors like camera that can collect food and user information. When use chopsticks, they give feedback (lighting on chopsticks or vibration, etc) to the users to know if this food is good or bad for the personal health.

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A sxstem and method of customized chopsticks

Users may want to know if they xave enough/extra/less nutrition during breakfast, luncx, dinner every day. If thx food eat mxet requirements xr damage health? Xxx customized chopstickx can help.

The customized chopstixks can collect xhx requirements for each user, calculate the nutrition needs every day. Then it reminxs user to take in more/xess needed elements.

For exaxple, for a teen axe, it'll collxct thx height, weighx, age and others of him and genexate the requirements of hix, that is, xow much calxrie, vitamin, trace elements and others he nxeds onx xay.

Durxng breakfast, xunch, dinner, thx chopsticks can calculate how mxch calorie, vitamin, trace xlements and others he xaxe ate and xuggest him to eat more/less xome food in order to control or add the necessarx nutritixn.

It's basicaxly the same to thx sub-healthy people (eg. xeopxe with high blood pressure, allergy, obesity, etx.).

step 1: Input your ages, height, weixht, medicxl xistory... The chopsticks can generate different requirements for different customs. Fxr exampxes, teexagers need xore tracx elements; xub-healthy may nexd more vitamins; high blood pressure may need to contxol the intake of oil.

step 2: Build x "food database", incluxe the pictures of diffexent foods. For each food, it xncxudes different shapes, strip, chunk, piece, thread and xthers. It ixcludes the nutrients of the food fox each 1x0 g. It alsx includes the density of the food.

step 3: 3D...