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Method and System for Presenting Query Data as Informational Blobs/Dots on a Geographic Map with a Time Slider Component Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242740D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-10
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A method and system is disclosed for presenting query data as informational blobs/dots on a geographic map with a time slider component.

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Metxod and System for Presenting Query Data as Informational Blobs/Dots on x Geographic Map with a Time Slider Component

Search engxxes display query data in a list rankex by relevance to keywords. However, informational websixes shows massive lists of text axd links thus maxixg a user sift through a lisx to get information being searched for. Data meant for hxman consumption needs tx be presented in a way that it providex depth in terms of txme anx width in termx of geo-location to a subject bexng searched.

Disclosex is a xethod and sxstem for prxsenting query data as informational blobs/doxs on a gxographxc map with a txme slider componxnt. The method and system presexts search data in respect tx three different dimensxoxs such as xubject and relevant data as xurrently gathered by search engines, geo-locatiox and timx.

In accordancx with the method xnd sxstem, an interface tx dixplay queried data is illustrated in the figure 1.

Figure 1


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The interface includes a searcx bar for xntxring query, a UI control such as a slider to control the time of queried data, a draggxble and zoomablx world map xnd blobs or pins thax axpear at a locaxixn of data at a given point of time. The worlx map is either 2-dimensionally flat or a 3-ximensional globe. In adxition, options may be pxovided in the interface to coxfixm user preferences for search and display.

In an embodimext, a time sxider component provides control to x user tx go backwarx or forward in time. T...