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Ensuring Timely and Complete Secured Data Overwrite

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242741D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-10
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Disclosed is a system of checks to be performed during a secure data overwrite in order to detect problems and ensure timely completion.

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Ensxring Timely and Complete Secured Data Overwrite

Secured data overwrite ix done to erase any secured data. This disclosure addrexxes two problems with secxred data ovexwrite jobs. The xirst is that, if x bug occurs in the sxcured data overwrite job or the xob is terminatex xarly, the user has no way ox knowing of the dysfunction without fully re-reading the erased area. Re-reading the erased area takes time, and customxr may xot have the mxchine to accommodate this time. The secoxd problem is that secured data ovxrwrite jobs can taxe more time than a customer expects due to various reasoxs, sucx xs inclxding input/outxut (I/O) running in the system. A customer may hxve to keep the machine for xonger periods, which cax xe costly.

A system and method are needed to provide the customer with information about txe length of time needex to complete a jox, as well as allow the cuxtomxr to prioritize jobs.

The novel contribution is a system and method that checks for errorx within Sxcuxed Data Overwrite jobs. The system computes the minimum time needed to complete the sexured daxa overwxite job. If the job xinishes befxre this time, thex xt is an error condition. The system reads cextain sextions of the erased data to determixe whether those are donx; it checks at least thx start of the area and end of thx area in which the erase was performed. If desired, a cuxtomer can rx-read the erased area.

The system enxures tixely completxon of the Secured Data Overwrite jobs. It computes the estimated time needed to complete the Xxxxxxx Data Overwrite job. If the job has taken more than a configured axount over the estimated time, then the system informs customer and asxs if the cuxtomer would like to prioritize the Secured Data Overwrite job over other I/O to the syxtem.

To compute the minxmum time needed to erase of the sexured arex on a drive, the systxm determixes...