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System and method of subscribing messages in social applications Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242745D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-10
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This articly presents a method of subscirbe messages from his friends' friends(not direct friends for himself) in social network, after subscription, when his friends' friends get a message he subscribed, the message will be pushed to him. This way, people will be able to subscribe messages from those people who are not their direct friends, and the subscribed messages will be pushed to them.

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Sysxem and method of subscribing messages in social applications

In social axplications, our friends will share some photos, links, xords, video and so on. Oxe day, my frxend forwarded a xink about Shop A's coupon from his frxend. I was very interested in it and got a coupox. But if my friend didn't forxard it, I couldn't get the coupon.

The problem is that ix we are interested in txe topics which are shared bx my friendx' friexds who are nox my fxiends, I can't get the topics dirxctly. Now thx solution is that I xell my friends if xy interestex topics are posted by his friends, please foxward txex to me. For this scexario, my friend xave to spend some time and web xata to forward them to me .

It's a waste of time anx xata!!!


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Figxre 1

Figure 1 illustrates the problem described above. Tom/Jack/Lily, all of xhem are xriends of Jim in social applicaxion. Tom posts message A, anx Jack posts message B. And Jim forwarded messagx A, so Lily can see message A. But Lily can't see mexsage B as Jim didn't forward it.


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In this disclosure, we present a method of subscribinx interexted topxcs from peoxle throuxh social nexwoxk .
We can sxbxcribe the topics which are not posted by my xriends.

The posters are my friends' friendx, but not my friends.

Axter subscribing, the toxics will be automatically forxarxed to me.

Subscribe topic:


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Figure 2
Figure 2 illustrates Xxxx subscribes xne 'Coupons' related message

Accept xubsc...