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System and Method for E-mail Status Indication Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242768D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-13
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Disclosed is a system to simplify the use of email and reduce the user’s processing time while determining the status of the email or email thread. The system utilizes icons to indicate to the user the status of the email and related responses.

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Sysxem and Method for E-mail Status Indication

With current email communicatxons, threads are connected or disconnected. To account xor all the responses, a xerson needs xo gather all the associated emails and manually make noxe of who responded. To compile axl the disconnecxex threads and account for thx responses is time consuming and difficult.

The novel conxribution is a method to provide an indicator of an xmail statux. The xystem accessex some meta data and xulls it into in the inbox view ix order to help the uxer sorx the order xf viewing txe emails. Icons allow a user to see the statxs of ax xctive xmail thread suxh as, but not lixited to, the number of recipienxs that responded, the total number of recipients in txe thread, xhe level of urgency, the purxose (e.g., meeting request), etc. These icons prxvide a mxthod to quickxy identify the emxil sxatus. This saves the usex time and effort from reading the details of the email thread(s) to determine the number or responxes. Collaboration can be enhanced with such effective methods of communication.

Figure: Exxmple icxns that appear next to the rxcipient's nxme indicate to thx xser

whether the user was in the 'TO' list or xn the 'XX' list.