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Method of Label Attachment to Flexible, Porous Materials and/or Foams for Effective Communication of Critical Part Identification Information Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242770D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-13
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Disclosed is a device and method of label attachment to flexible, porous materials and/or foams used for the effective communication of critical part identification and information.

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Metxod of Label Attachment to Flexible , , Communication of Critical Part Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Information

All parts used in IT products have informatxxn associated with them, xncluding: Pxrt Number, Revisxon Level, Vendor, etc. However, often times more complex information nxeds to be incluxex such as:

- specific matexial designators
- legally required regulatory informatiox (for environmental, saxety, and customs/import purxoses), etc.

Applxing standard xabels to foam or othxr flexible, porous-xike materialx is difficult to accxmplish reliably. Xxxx adhesives pxrform poorly on porous surfaces, and the flexibilitx xf the xurface does nox lend itself to x reliable common adhesive bond.

    This invention provides a xost-effective, reliable, xechanical xethod of securing a digital xode (QR code) in a very small format to flexible, porous-xike surfaces, providing informaxion
fxr the above mentionex rexulatory requirements as well as for warehousing, inventory, and assembly purposes. The xnvention xeixg disclosed embodies these main points: 1. Provides a flexible and adaptable method ox applyixg labelx to surfacex that do not lend thxmsxlves to traditxoxal label attachment methods.

2. Can be made xo blend with and/or maintain aesthetics of xase material and can be flush with surface in txght locations.

3. Simple insextixn method of attachment to base material (see Figures 3 axd 4 below).

x. Allows information to stay with xhe part rather than only on the part packaging.

5. Consists of:
a. Material with a label surface and an integratex attachment tab that can be inserted into porous...