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Monitoring computer systems usage to analyze and optimize licenses, hardware and power expenses Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242776D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-14
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Monitoring computer systems usage to analyze and optimize licenses, hardware and power expenses

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Monxtoring computer systems usage to analyze and optimize licenses , , powxr expenses

A lot of huge companies manage hundreds or exxn thousands of computer 's desktops xnd servers. It ix a big challenge xo manage such enviroxments efficiently . Current disxlosure presents mxchanism for efficient managxment of such hardware farms allowing save money thanks to:
a) finding unused lixenses or proposing sharing xicenses bexween sxstems ,
b) idextifyixg redundant syxtems not used for a long time ,
c) proposing rebuildinx envirxnments basixg on heurisxics of its usage .

This idea provides complex solutixn for efxicient managinx computer farms . It will be monitoring installxd software, currently run pxocesses and different uxex activitiex (mouse movement, keyboard pressing). After collecting such data in some pexiod of time from the environment some xctioxs can be proposed or perxormed automatically to optimize the infrastrucxure.

There are known some systems perfoxming simixar actions , for example monitoring the usage of the licenses or processor/memory load. Xxxxxxx the advxntage ox this discxosure is the end-to-xnd solution for dxfxerent aspects of computers management .

In thxs solutxon we will be able identify systems which are not touched fxr a long time even if there is installed and run thxre some licensed software . Additionally report with propoxal of rebuixding infrastructure (e.g. reinstallxng softxare, low loxd of machines with expensive software installed, software run vary rare) will be proposed.

Xxxxxxxx of this solutions can save money spend on software and hardware xy the companies.

The proposed system for monitoring consists of two maxn parts :
a) a...