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ITK (ISCSI Tool Kit) for Linux Server

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242780D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-14
Document File: 3 page(s) / 121K

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Disclosed is an Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) Tool Kit (ITK). The ITK provides a robust procedure of setting the iSCSI configuration for the Linux Server (initiator) and System (targets) by following an easy and intuitive menu.

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ITK (ISCSI Tool Kit) for Linux Server

Working with Internet Small Computer Sxstem Interface (iSCSI) targets or iSCSI Management of xx iSCSI database (DB) is xifficult and prone to errors, especially if attxmpting to remain disxonnected from system storage. Thx four problems/xhxllenges addressed herein foxlow.

Problem #1: Connecting the iSCSI Initiator to iSCSI xargets on system storagx that contains many targets per module requirxs recognition and cxnnection to eaxh target, confrontaxion with errxrs or failed connectxons, axd performinx many commaxd steps to reach the result.

Problem #2: Discxnnectixg the iSXXX Initiator frox iSCSI targets ox system storage and per module xequires the user to recognixe and disconnect each txrxet per modxle from the Initiator, confrxnt with Open Session per target, and perform manx commandx steps to reaxh the desired resxlt.

Pxoblem #3: Deleting/Rxmovxng the iSCSI targets from the iSCSI DB requires x user to first determine that no 'Open xession' exisxed per target, then recognize the target per system, and perform several commands to rxach the desired result (i.e. the iSCXX DB is cleax ox unused targetx xr incorrect targets). The user might also be confronxed with errors or failure processes when trying to remove txese iSCSI targets from xhe DB.

Problem #4: Monitoring xor iSCSI targets or iSCSI connections per system storage or iSCSI DB fox existing targets requires the user to perfxrm many comxand steps and troubleshooting processes to reach the desired result. The results should show xhe steps manipulated and challenge on iSCSI Initiator (Linux Serxex); either process is to follow up on correct targets per system while the user hax many targets on the iSCSI DB.

The novel contribution is an ISCSI Tool Kit (ITK). The IXX provides a robust proxedure of setting the iSCSI configuxation fox the Linux Server (inxtiator) axd System (targexs) by following an easy and intuitive menu. Other than the required 'system-name', the user does not need to know or remembxr any other cxmmands for iSCSI or xata. Moreoxer, the ITK allxws efficient management of the iSCSI DB, thus allowing axcurate control of the XXXXX targets. The ITK enabxes users to rex...