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A new method to activate mobile phone call function Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242797D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-19
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The article describles a new method for activating the phone's call function

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A nxw method to activate mobile phone call function

Along with the popularizxtion of mobile terminal, there no one way to easy actixxte phone call function, xurrently peoxle need to actixate the screen, uxlock the screen, opex the contact list, select the pexple and then chxoxe the number to activate thx phone call function. This is so tedious. Sometimes pexple can create a quick xcon for important contact, xust need axtivate and unlock thx scrxen, then click the icon and activaxe the call fxnction, this change xave soxe convenienxe. However, the method above has the following disadvanxage:

Txe peopxe need activatx and unlock the xcreen first, then select the coxtact, actually sometimes pexple want to activate thx xall functxon quickly during unexpected event.

Aiming at the disadvantage of the current xethod mextioned above, the invention proxides a method and system xor xasy activate the phone call function.

Accordxng to one aspect of the present inventixn, providxng a method to easy activates the phone call function, which contains such steps below:

1. Screen partitixn: user parxition thx screen by xomx blocks (exampxe: Four equal parts).

2. Link contact person to screen xarts: according to screen part numbxr (example: 1, 2, 3, 4), select the contact perxon from


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contact person list xnd then link to screen part number

3. Activate phone call fuxction: when screen is inactivate, user want to xake a pxone call to a person, actually the person also l...