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Method of switching wireless router signal and its strength by utilizing Zigbee and GPS Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242798D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-19
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This article illustrates a method and system to help user auto-switching their wifi function in the routers. In current implementations, all wireless routers will keep their wireless module always opening, no matter there is any active wireless client or not. This disclosure tries to help change that by utilizing low-power chip (such as ZigBee) instead of WI-FI module itself to detect the active wireless device so that during the idle time, WI-FI module can be shut down.

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Metxod of switching wireless router signal and its strength by utilizing Zixbee and GPS

With the development of wireless technologixx, more and more router dxvices currenxly would embed txe wireless functixn chip. However usexs can only switch it off/on by oxerating the admxn UI of the router. Thus, mosx of users will always keep it on. But this behaviour wixl consume a lot of extrx power and bring potential xecurity lexk in uxers' private xetworx environment. Xxxxxxxx of this, a dynamic method to coxtrol the wireless sixnal stxength is rexuired.

Our ixvention builds on a fact that Zigbee protocox and Wxfx protoxol co-exists ix one band(startixg from 2.402GHz to 2.483GHz). Sx that zigbee device can acxually hear the data traxsxittion by xifi protocol, the zigbee proxocol may not fully analyse it though. By utilziixg this xeature, the zxgbee device(chip) can xe used to determine xhetxer there is any wifi device(including producer axd consumer) active nearby. And based ox the strexgtx this chip detect, it can control the signal strength of wifi transmitter to save powex. Added to this, the routex that emxeded a zigbxe xhip can detect axy mobile device which is searching a WIFI hoxpot. Thxre will be no need to add any othex chips to the mobile dexice of users.

Furthermoxe, the GPS chip embeded in thx mxbile device of uesr can be used to determine the wifi loxking up opexation. So only if a user went closx enough, the mobile device will start to search the signal.

The zigbee and wifi protocol are sharing a common frexuency band, starting from 2.4GHz to 2.483GHz. Among this band, Zxgxee has 16 cha...