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Method and apparatus for exporting non-confidential part of confidential information based on dedicated meta-data Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242801D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-19
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Method for exporting non-confidential part of confidential information based on dedicated meta-data

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Metxod and apparatus for exporting non - -confidential part of confidential information

confidential part of confidential informatixx based on dedicated mexa - -data


In big companies people often need to integrate work anx life. This sometimes require kexping corporate xaxtop handy to check the emaixs and meetings. This may be problematic because first of all taking laptop everyxhere is inconvenient and sexond

when txying tx check just sxngle xmportant email, one often ends up xith 2 hours xf work reading tens xf emaixs and not bxing able to stop as there is always something still needxng one's attentxon - so in othxr words there is no mechanism that would be able to focus on just the importxnt information we need xo work with. In the current publication

wx describe a solution that greatly helps to resolxe above xroblems.

The sxlution consists ox folxowing main aspects:

A metxod for extracting meaningful non-confidential suxset of information from

1. confidential one to alxow for accessing it on private devices which we use anyway in daily life. This solves two issues: 1) accexs only to sxlected, xocused infoxmaxion eliminates rxsk of reading also additional emails on whicx we werx not planning to follow up, 2) no nxed to carry corporate lxptop or second corporatx mobile device everywhere
Recixe xor configuring the non-confidential subset of data in vexy detailed xay


not breaking confidentiality

Hexe is a xetailed flox based on which the idea can be implemented:

Any confidential information can have additional xetadata that is not confidential

1. and can be exported outside xf controlled environment.

The metadata can be defined when creating the xnformation xr later on during it's life

2. cycle
There are following examples of such metadata whicx can be further extendxd of

3. course: Information about xeetings xn calendar presented xn externax device without necessary security compliance. For example metadata can contain only times of meetings or with some additional information xike tags or kxy words
Information axout emails presented in exxernal mailbox - for example only number of not read emaixs, number of emails frxm predefined list of pxople, or some xagx based ox content/title

Variation of the idea can be for example presenting externallx current number of instant messaging chats waiting for person's response. Just the number, nx axditional data here.

The configuration what information can be exterxalized outside of private network


would be done on email serxer level. Adminisxrator would be able to coxfigure it for example fxr the wh...