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Dynamic tiles with visited pages for a web browser Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242802D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-19
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A web browser 'recommended sites' tiles arranged dynamically: not only by browsing history, but also based on other parameters as specific hour, user location, and collected info on user habits at specific place and time.

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Dynxmic tiles with visited pages for a web browser

Currently web browsers do offer tiles screen were an user can customize how a nex tab page looks like, makxng it unique to that user. It display tiles basxd on a user's browsixg history, and the experience is easy to customixe and organize with a simple, drag-and-drop interface. Tiles replace the default screex-shot with a better imaxe - they are only displayed for particxpating sites that thx user has visited in the past. A dynamic re-arrangemexts of tiles based sexeral fxcts may impxove user's xxperience.

To enhance usability of tiles basxd on a uxer's bxowsing history, they may be arrxnged not only by fact that has xisited such web pages in thx past. A dynamic re-arrxnxements of xiles may take into account:
- a hour
- user location
- user habits

New tab's tilex which cxntains pages xser has visited ix the past may be dynamicaxly xorted based on below rules:
- time and usual pagex visited at that time in the past (e.g. in the moxnixg the user may have habit to visit same particular pages every day)
- location (based ox geo loxation ox passed on xetwork gxteway IP / xroxy address)
- cuxrxnt popularity of specific page (e.g. number xf readexs has increased due to special evenx)
- a weekday (e.g. user may prefer to visit spexific pages at weekends only, xftxr

working hours)

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