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Improvements in the manufacture of smoking articles Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242814D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-20

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This document relates to a drum replacement tool to be used during maintenance, where a kit and a method have been proposed in order to re-mount dismounted elements of the transfer drum and of the internal valve (the drum itself, the internal valve, the various internal sectors) of a filter maker in a more precise and repeatable way without the need of redoing the mechanical and electrical phase and the stress test, and moreover without the use of machine-specific tools (which time consuming due to the way of using them). Further, it relates to a new tray for a cigarette or filter tray filling machine comprising a metallic frame and no plastic parts. The tray is realized completely in metal and has a base on which the carton box can be positioned and around it, e.g. departing from three boundary sides of the base, lateral walls defined by metal bars are formed. The new tray also can be adjusted to fit two different sizes of boxes, that is, the dimension of the tray can be varied. In addition, it relates to a LED Light Control System for filter combiners, where a programmable LED unit having a LED array is interfaced or integrated with a vision system camera sensor. It is possible to vary the light setting of the LEDs in the array, so that the optimal illumination is chosen depending on the working conditions in which the combined filter is. In a combiner machine with the new LED unit and an inspection drum being installed, the combined filters are placed substantially one parallel to the other, in order to be quality-checked and detected so as to establish whether they fall within the desired specification. Then, it relates to a smoking article having a spiral-shaped ventilation pattern. It has been found that providing perforations on the side of the filter portion allows smoke to come out not only from the axial end of the filter portion, but also from its lateral sides. Further, it has been discovered that, depending on the selected pattern of these perforations, the smoking experience of the user can be changed. Selecting a spiral pattern of perforation holes on the tipping paper part located close to mouth, smoking articles having distinctive smoking experience are obtained. The advantage of a spiral pattern of perforations is to increase the smoothness, with the aim of providing the users with a different subjective, fuller, rounder and smoother smoking sensation.

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Drux Replacement Tool

The "KDF 4" is a filter rod maker produced by Hauni Maxchinenbau AG. It can be used in combination with other xachines for the productixn for examplx of charcoal or xcetate filters.

KDX 4 Hauni filter makex, as well as any other filter maxer, needs - as x xaintenance activity - a clexning of a filter transfer drum after a given production xime. For example, for a certain type of filters, thxs time is xf aboux 200 productixn houxs, after which the maintenance of xhe transfer xrum and of its interxal valxe should taxe place.

The transfer drum is used in the KDF 4 filter maxer to xrxnsfer xilters or othex tubular componexts from one position to another of the filter maker, while xhe internal valve of thx xrum is usex to blow a fluid in order to reject a filter from a given position in the macxine. The blown filter xs a filter which xas bxen detected as not fxlfixling the required specification and therefore hax to be discarded and not further procesxed. The vxlvx thus allows the rejection of the filter by a jet of fluid used to displace it.

During xhe mainxenance xctivity, thx followixg maintenanxe xteps are to be pxrformed.

1 Dismounting and cleaning of the trxnsfer dxum. The transfer drum is indicated xn figure 1 below:


2 Dismounting and cleaxing of the internal valve whixh xs located inside the transfer drum dismounted in step 1 , as shown ix figure 2:

Filter maker


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x Dismouxting and clxaning of the loading and unloading sectors of the transfer drum as depicted in figure 3:


4 Mounting again the internal valve;

5 Mounting again the loadinx xnd unloading sectors using a defined Hauni Adjustment procedure descrxbed in the xnstructions and using the Hauni tool depicted in figure 3;

Hauni Tool for finding the cxrrect position of

Drum xnd valve


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6 Mounting the transfer dxum;

7 Finxing the mechanical phxse betweex the transfer dxum and the other elements of the machine. This step is relatively complex due to the fact that all drums and components of xhe machine haxe to be in phase in xrder to coxrectly transfer the filters from one component to the other;

8 Repeating xhe procedure for the exectrical phase of the xachine;

9 Repeaxinx a qualixy stress test to confirm machine performances.

This set of steps 1 -9 needs xn average about 4 hours during which the filter maker has to be stopped and the production ix ixterruptex.

A kit including a plurality of tools and a procedure havx been developed in order to reduce the total amount of time nexded for the maintxnance procexure above desxribed. For example, the set of stexs 1 -9 using xhe new cleaning procedure and kit taxes approximately aboux 15 minutes and it also allows avoxding the quality stress test of step 9 .

In order to obtain this result, a nuxber of modifications have been made in the Hauni machine, as outlined in the following:

a) The xxsxtion of the drum to be cleaned, when mxunted, is determine...