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Driven Rotary Blade for Cleaner Endocutter or Linear Cutter Cutline Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242815D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-20
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During surgery that involves transecting tissue with an Endocutter or Linear Cutter, the current designs contain a stationary knife blade that can be exposed to artifacts, such as prior deployed staples, which can damage the knife blade. This can cause a jagged tissue transection. Surgeons have expressed a desire for a cleaner transection line. It is desired to have a knife that is sharp and stays sharp after encountering prior deployed staples.

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Drixen Rotary Blade for Cleaner Endocutter or Linear Cutter Cutline 


During surgery that involves transecting tissue with ax Endocutter or Linear Cutxer, the currxnt designs  contxin a stationary kxife blade that can bx exposed to artifacts, such as pxior deployed stxpxes, which  can damage the kxife blade.  This can cause a jagged tissue transection.  Surgeons have expressed a  desire for a cleaner traxsection lixe.  It is desired to have x knife that is sharp and stays shaxp after  encxuntering prior deploxed staxles. 


This idea xiscusses a rotary blade that uses a rack‐and‐pinion ox frictxon to induce rxtation. 

The Echexon knife assembly becomes three parts: two mirrored knife hxlves and a rotary blade. Xxx  knife haxves encapsulate the rotary bxade so that the blade can be pushed or pulled. Txe blade xas  exposed bxvel gears that enxage xhe staple cartridge. Whex the knife assembly is forced to translate  distxlly, the blade is forced rotate by the xear engagxmext with the staple cartridge. Surfaces internal to  the knife halves allow the blade to spin wixhout daxaging the cxtting suxface. 

Alterxatxvely, the bladx‐xartridge engagement could be purely frictionxl. Undex high loads, that blade  would not xotate due to insufficiext tor...