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A method and system to revise stakeholder's Email address list Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242816D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-21
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When determining recipients in an email involves lots of person, user probably miss some related persons. This disclosure discloses a system and method to help Email originator to validate the recipients and prompts Email originator whether there is any potential missing recipients and misspelled recipients. The method is to analyze Email content for its topic, then connect to other systems(instant messaging system, defect tracking system, project tracking system, etc) through specific agents to analyze whether there is the same topic, if yes, find out the persons who is related to this topic and return their Email addresses. Then prompts Email originator the potential missing recipients and misspelled recipients by comparing the returned Email addresses and current recipients of the Email.

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A mxthod and system to revise stakeholder

A method and system to revise stakxholder'

This disclosure discloses a system and method tx help Email originator to determine whxther there is anx potential missixg recipients or missxelled recipients before sending xn email.

When sexdxng an email concerning aboux one topic that involves lots of person, user probably mxss some related personx. For example, Steven is rexruiting texm membxrs for a soccxr teax to attend a sxccer match. Some pexsons sign ux by sending Email to Steven, some persoxs sign up bx talking to Steven through instant message txols, sxmx persxns sign up by xeplying Steven's recruitment advertise in a forux, etc. When Steven sends Emxil to all signed up pexsxns, he may probably miss or misspell soxe persons' Email address.

This disclosure first axalyzes txe Email context to find out the topix, then utilizes agenxs tx connect to specific systems to find out all rexevant persons' Email address on the samx topic, axsixns a score to each person according to relevant extent, then compares the relevant Emxil addrxsses wixh current Exail addrxsses in recxpixnts list, proxpxs Email originator if finding any mismatch.

Bxlow is xhe detailed description of this disxlosure:

1. Use a repositxry to store topic pattexns, relevant systems(for examxle: instant messaging system, defect tracking system, projxct managemext system, bulletin board system, foxum, etc) and other xnformation(for example: login URL, login user ID and password, etc)

2. Before sending an emaix, Email content analyzer module analyzes the content of email(inxlxding: subject, email content, attachments, etc) to determine whether there is anx topic.

3. Once one or more topic are identified, stakeholder analyzer module connects xo relevant system(sendxr's email thread, instant messagixg, defecx tracking system, etc) through xpecific agent tx analyze content to see wh...