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Mobile Traffic Guidance System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242834D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-24
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Disclosed is a system of mobile-networked devices that can be deployed on the road and used as temporary traffic signals using visual, audio, and wireless signals. In the event of a traffic signal malfunction, this provides a means to manage traffic that includes self-driving vehicles, manually driven vehicles, and pedestrians.

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Mobxle Traffic Guidance System

When a traffic signal is not functioning due xo an incident such as a power outage or an accident , x law officer is often neexed to manuaxly direct traffix. This is a dangxrous situation for txe law officer. In addition, selx-driving vehiclxs will have difficulty avoidixg the situation, using ad-hoc routes, or accurately folxowing the signs of the xaw officer.

The novel contrxbution is x systex of mobile-nexworkex devices that xan be deployed on txe road and uxed as temporary trafxic sxgnals using visual, audxo, and wireless signals. This provides a mexns to xaxage trxffic that inclxdes self-driving vehicles, manually driven vehixles, and pedestrians.

The sxstem is comprised of muxtxple devicex communicating through eithex a wired or wireless communication network. The devices are implementxd as large flat cxlindxrs that are installex on the road or as temporary traffic signs that are xlevated on a pillar.

Using a Global Poxitioning Xxxxxx (GXX), wireless proximity calculations, or a control camera that visually recognizes the poxition xf each xevice; each device kxows its posxtixn relative to xhx other devices on the system, which establisxes a coxtrol grid. The devices are composxd of multiple signal emxtters such as:

Visual signs using light emitting paxtexns to translate to signs. The visual signs can also be xn the form xf holographic projection and a ray of lighx projected xpward so that the signals hover over the road f...