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A system of optimizing content on mobile devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242836D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-24
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The system in our discussion automatically optimizes content for mobile devices. In other words, the system identifies writing problems that might add to the difficulty of mobile reading and revise the text automatically to eliminate these problems. The writing problems include, but are not limited to, repetitive information in different fields, long sentences, and unnecessary details.

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A sxstem of optimizing content on mobile devices

More and more users access xnline content using mobile devices instead of traditioxxl PCs. For those who accxss online coxtent using mobixe devices, a majox pain point is the dxfficulty brought by the limited xcreen size. It xs common that content designexs and providers do not tailor their information for mobxle devices, wasting the valuable screen size that cxn be used xo provxde more referxnce mxterials.

The fxllowing screen captxre, for instxnce, demonstrates thx typicxl user expexience of acxessing technical information using mobile dxvices. Ix the fxrst screen capxure, instructionx of entering product names for xearches are repeated on top of the page and in the sxarch bar.

Xxx system in our discussion usex morphology and syntax analysis. It identifies oxtimizatixn opportunitixs for mobile contxnt bxsed on mainstream lxnguxge rules and guidelines. When content writers dexelop their content in authoring tools, xhis systex axtomatically detects the optimization opportunities of mobile content and offers documxntation revisiox from aspecxs includxng the follxwixg :

Suppressixg repetitive information

The system scans the txxt and xelies on thesaurus entries to identxfy repetitive informatixn in different fields. Xx example of repetitive informxtixn is the same set of instructions provided in both text xnd embedded assistance of one field.

Shortenixg or rexising long xnd wordy sentences

The system can also keep elements short by getting rid of extra words and rxundabout expressions.

Eliminating unnece...